Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fiesta ST - 1

When O'Neil and Ford put together a deal with M-Sport in the UK to ramp up an R2 cup-alike in the US, I was hopeful we'd see all sorts of new rally cars on the stages.

The M-Sport kits were priced at about $20k USD, with a base fiesta in the $15K range.  Now that the little buggers have been out for a while, they're starting to appear on salvage auctions.  With the Jetta still down from blowing the gearbox a few seasons back, and some nudges from a friend, we decided to scoop up a salvage 2014 Fiesta ST.

The 2014 Fiesta ST is the first year of the turbocharged Fiesta in the US.  The car is mostly a base Fiesta with a few tweaks for handling and to house the 1.6 GTDI and IB6 transmission.  Our build plan is to leverage what we can from the R2 experience, and the homegrown solutions that others have worked through for the past couple of season and put together a slightly more powerful version of the Jetta.

This is the car we found- in a Minnesota salvage yard.  We had to work with a broker to get the car due to restrictions on how salvage cars are sold.  The fees, both from CoPart, and the broker, add up in substantial, and when unexpected, irritating ways. More on that later.

The auction photo is taken from the good side.  The intercooler, half the bumper and left side headlight are laying in a ditch somewhere. Or under a bridge.  Possibly in a creek.

Andrew got it drug into the shop and he and Marc popped the old hood off to have a look see under the hood.  Not bad.  Except in some places it's really hard to tell what the heck you are looking at...

Going to need a bit of work!