Monday, July 15, 2013

Ojibwe pre-update

With the planned reboot of the Ojibwe event this year, the Bent Mettle team is planning on rolling back up the mosquito saturated northwoods and giving 'er hell.

I've replaced the lower ball joints, an upper strut bearing, and found a loose damper rod.  My hope is that the front end will be relatively rattle free and "tight".

I have a malfunctioning rally computer to investigate, as well as possibly, maybe, finally replacing the worn rear damper spherical bearings as well.

I've put all this work off until it was finally got enough to really get to sweating in the garage!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Moving web servers

Moving the website off the old Linux box that's been chugging along back in Newton for the past 7 years.  Computer was fine, but the DSL line would go on the fritz whenever the ground was too wet.

I'm having some trouble getting the gallery back in action but hope to get it cranked back up in the next few days.

Monday, March 18, 2013

100AW thanks!

It's the middle of March and we've been back from the 100 Acre Wood rally for a few weeks now.

Cal and Jake drove down from Wisconsin in what can only be described as exceptionally poor weather conditions.  Aaron showed up and gave us a hand as well.  Thanks guys!

No fear, Andew is NOT on fire.  But he MIGHT be turning into a dragon.

Somewhere under all that mud are graphics for our supporters Barney's Wrecker in Newton, Iowa, and Riverwest Automotive in Milwaukee. 

Barney's specializes in everything and anything that needs fixed, moved and towed.  Riverwest focuses on Volkswagen / Audi repair, including air and watercooled.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Preparing to prepare

Pulled off the front suspension today and really made a mess of the garage->

The unmelted and not melting snow still on the car hints at the garage being a bit chilly.

One of the bolts on the CV shaft had to be cut off, so the skid plate had to come off. The the insert for the rear control arm bolt decided it wanted to spin.

After some cursing and a smashed fingernail, I decided to cut in from the top and re-weld the insert to the sheet metal.

This lives under the co-driver footrest, so the cosmetic impact will be minimal once it's all closed back up again.

The control arms and drivers sides shafts that Blake sent up are super clean, and the halfshafts feel tight with no play.

Tomorrow I'll get the body sheet metal buttoned back up and get some reinforcements on the new control arms.

Andrew got sucked into the GoPro vortex and is looking to go all Xtreeeeem Video this event.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Headed to 100AW!

I spent most of last year working and getting re-established after starting a new job at Nissan.  We ran Sno*Drift last year with mediocre results, so the motivation to re-engage the sport has been difficult to muster.

I went to Sno*Drift this year to help Nathan and Aaron Usher, as well as Steve Nowicki and Jimmy Brandt, with their efforts.  Steve and Jimmy took home 2nd in the Sno*Attack 2WD competition, while Usher's left the event with the more dubious distinction of being one of the first rollover incidents at the event.

On our end, we've fought some chronic issues with our Muy Fuerte 2L 16V ABF powerplant.  To counter the constantly breaking front axles, we're going to try out the slightly longer MK3 front control arms and axles.  Blake @ got me set up with some control arms and drivers side axles on the cheap.

So the car is in the garage, jacked up, front wheels off, and I'm just getting into de-SnoDrifting it from 2011.  I see some bent sheet metal, plenty of rust, but hopefully once I get into the groove here we can start knocking out some of the prep work.

We're still alive.  More tomorrow.