Sunday, February 3, 2013

Preparing to prepare

Pulled off the front suspension today and really made a mess of the garage->

The unmelted and not melting snow still on the car hints at the garage being a bit chilly.

One of the bolts on the CV shaft had to be cut off, so the skid plate had to come off. The the insert for the rear control arm bolt decided it wanted to spin.

After some cursing and a smashed fingernail, I decided to cut in from the top and re-weld the insert to the sheet metal.

This lives under the co-driver footrest, so the cosmetic impact will be minimal once it's all closed back up again.

The control arms and drivers sides shafts that Blake sent up are super clean, and the halfshafts feel tight with no play.

Tomorrow I'll get the body sheet metal buttoned back up and get some reinforcements on the new control arms.

Andrew got sucked into the GoPro vortex and is looking to go all Xtreeeeem Video this event.

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