Monday, February 14, 2011

This Chery is a Peach

I talked Detroit Hooligan and man about town Steve Brock into getting his Lemons/Chumpcar dumped off at my house.

It's a Chery Windcloud, which is a Chinese domestic market licensed copy of a Seat Toledo, which is based on the VW MK2.  Which means it's made of really thin mental, but all sorts of VW parts bolt into it.  The car was in the states for some drivetrain development, found it's way to a junkyard, and then into my garage.

Steve and friends picked up a cage kit from SW Racecars which mostly fits.  The A pillar tubes stop where the dash would be, so it's not going to be really comfortable getting in and out of.

The rest fits well, and is reasonably tight to the roof. Some photos of the cage welded to the pads, and dropped through the floor getting the topside welded up...

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