Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Jetta enters the garage

Matt just told me that the new Jetta roller has made it into the garage.  He says he has plans to make it into a rally car too.  Then he can rent one out for races or wear them both as roller skates when he's operating his robot megasuit.

This car is alot like the other Jetta except that it's not five different cars welded together.  The new Jetta is just two different cars and they are  bolted together instead, so that part is much different.

I assume that there is alot of planning that goes into the construction of a rally car.  I bet Matt has been having some serious discussions with his team of development engineers on how to maximize important rally car vehicle attributes like body strength, low vehicle weight and roof cargo capacity.

My proposed design addresses each of these.  To shield against unplanned excursions into the woods the Jetta will be covered with 22 impenetrable panels fashioned from Brazilian teak.   The overhead cargo rack can carry 200 kilos of spare parts, camping gear and serendipitous roadkill finds.  Installing three aft mounted louvered intake fins will funnel massive volumes of air into the trunk thus making the back end of the car lighter at high speeds.   I am still working on equally innovative ideas to lighten the front end.  Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any bright ideas.

The New Jetta coming to a rally special stage soon- shown with versatile Kid-Cam® in-car video system.

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